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Romerberg Square, Frankfurt, Germany
Romerberg Square, Frankfurt, Germany  (Photodisc)

Service staff is usually paid quite well by the hour. In this case, a tip is mainly to show appreciation for their hard work or quick service. Contrary to the U.S., if it wasn't good service, it is acceptable to not leave anything.

Restaurants 10% of your total bill
Bartenders 2% to 5% of final bill
Taxi Drivers At least $1, or 5% to 10% of fare
Bell Hops $1 per piece of luggage
Tour Guides It is not expected of you to tip your tour guide, although 10% of the trip cost is appreciated.

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It's common for gratuity to be included in the price that is quoted to you, although if it isn't, you are often expected to leave a tip.

Restaurants 10% to 15% of final bill
Bartenders $1 per drink is customary; though leave a bit more if you are making a large order
Taxi Drivers Some taxis are not metered in Jamaica; it is important to know the price before you get into the car. 10% to 15% of your final fare is appreciated.
Bell Hops $1 to $2 per bag
Tour Guides 15% of your total cost

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