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Eiffel Tower, Paris, France
Eiffel Tower, Paris, France  (Photodisc)

Dominican Republic
Wages are generally pretty low in the DR, and you'll notice that tips are greatly appreciated.

Restaurants They usually add 10% to your bill automatically, though it is common to leave an additional 10% on top of that.
Bartenders $1 per drink, or 10% of your total bill
Taxi Drivers All taxi cabs in the DR are unmetered, so it's important to agree upon your fare before departing. You should leave $1 to $2 per ride.
Bell Hops This isn't a common service here, but if you're staying in a hotel with one, you should leave $1 per bag.
Tour Guides $25 per day

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France, Italy, Netherlands & Spain
By law, all tips (15%) are included in the price of your food or drink, so any extra tipping is mainly determined by the quality of service. These numbers reflect what you should tip if you're very happy with their service.

Restaurants Round up your bill or leave 10%
Bartenders Again, tips are included in your bill, but for exceptional service, it isn't uncommon to leave $0.50 per drink or to just round your bill to the next euro. Many locals also choose to just leave the change with them.
Taxi Drivers 10% of your final fare if they're handling baggage, if not, $2 to $3 is common, or just round up your fare
Bell Hops $1 per bag
Tour Guides $4 to $6 per person

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