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What to do in Edinburgh

Edinburgh is widely known as host of The Fringe, the world's largest arts festival, but architecture is the Scottish capital’s real standout. For a crash course in local history as seen through the cityscape, start from its most famous landmark: ancient Edinburgh Castle, which casts an imperious gaze over the city and its position on the shores of the Firth of Forth. From the castle, descend the Mound and cross Princes Street into the New Town, a district mapped out in the late 1700s and modeled on classical Greek and Roman buildings. Closer to the castle and spilling off the Royal Mile is the medieval warren of alleyways that make up Edinburgh’s Old Town (also home to many great restaurants, clubs, and bars). So, while August brings 30,000 festival performances that are cool in their own right, the city's "edifice complex" ensures Edinburgh’s a class act throughout the year.

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PJ rates Edinburgh
Edinburgh is a superb city for anyone to visit. its embracing of many cultures and its warm friendly atmosphere make it stand out from the rest. Theirs always plenty to see and do in Edinburgh throughout the year, my favourite time is Christmas and New Year where there is non stop events, the German market, The Fair and of course my favourite the street party. With so much to see the city architecture is steeped in proud Scots history as well as beauty. There is so much available that I always recommend researching the city and its events before travelling so all tastes are left satisfied and go UN-disappointed. The cuisine in Edinburgh has a truly international taste as well as good old Scottish fair. I visited the Kastari on shandwick place I can say the service was excellent as well as the food. recommend for lovers of Asian cuisine.
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Alistair rates Edinburgh
Edinburgh's a fabulous place to visit throughout the year, though I'd go in spring or summer, given the notoriously fickle weather. It's very busy here in August during festival season, though the place is hopping with loads of fun things to see and do. Some of my favorite pubs are the Jolly Judge, just off the Royal Mile, and the Wally Dug in the New Town towards Stockbridge. Head out the Modern Gallery of Art, which is a nice walk along the Water Leith from the city centre. They have a good outdoor sculpture garden, plus a nice cafe for sandwiches and tea!
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