View of bridge and skyline, London, England (PhotoDisc)

Borough Market, London, England (Justin Lightley/Photographer's Choice RF/Getty)

Palace Guard in London, England (Corbis)

Tower Bridge in London, England (Digital Stock/WTR)

St Paul's Cathedral and Southwark Bridge, London, England (Digital Vision)

Phone booths and Young Dancer statue on Bow Street, London, England (Corel)

Tower Bridge, London, England (PhotoDisc)

London Eye ferris wheel, London, England (Visit London)

Skyline of London, England (Andrew Ward/PhotoDisc)

Cityscape of London Docklands, England (PhotoDisc)

Olympic Stadium in London, England (Olympic Development Authority)

Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace, London, England (Pavel Libera/Visit London)

Pavel Libera/Visit London (Visit London)

The London Eye and Houses of Parliament at night, London, England (Davis McCardle/Digital Vision/Thinkstock)

Shaftsbury Avenue, Theatre District, London, England (Thinkstock Images)

Horse Guards Parade at Buckingham Palace, London, England (Pavel Libera/Visit London)

Shaftesbury Avenue in the West End, London, England (Peter Adams/Digital Vision/Getty)

Tulips in front of Westminster Abbey, London, England (Andrew Ward/PhotoDisc)

Westminster Abbey, London, England (Stockbyte/Getty/Digital Vision)

Tower Bridge at dusk, London, England (Photographer's Choice)

Changing of the Guard in London, England (Digital Stock/WTR)

Tower Bridge, London, England (Visit London)

Piccadilly Circus in London, England (Peter Adams/Digital Vision/Getty)


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Pieter rates London
Visited with family in 2006 and had a blast. We had a big group and rented apartments, which worked out great. We hit the British Museum, did a boat tour on the Thames, saw Westminster Abbey, and did the rest of the castle and pub set (Look kids: Big Ben, Parliment). It's true that British food isn't that great, but London is so international you'll hardly notice. For the twenty-something crowd, it's worth noting that pubs get started and finished early: the first few nights we went to the pubs at 9 or 10 pm only to find most of the locals falling down drunk. It's better to start your pub day at around 5 and plan to end around 8.
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Alistair rates London
London is unquestionably cool and jam-packed with things to do, whatever your interests, though it is expensive and can feel overwhelming. Best way to get a sense of the city and its different boroughs is to walk as much as you can. One of my favorite walks is to cross the Thames from the Houses of Parliament and walk along the South Bank past the Globe Theatre to the Tate Modern. Cross the pedestrian-only Millennium Bridge to St. Paul's Cathedral (not too far away, off Cheapside, there's a lovely pub called the Old Doctor Butler's Head). Another fun trip is the ferry down to Greenwich, which is also a good place to stay. Buy an Oyster card online ahead of time to save money on Tube and bus rides. If you make it out of Zone 1, try the pizza at La Porcetta or vegetarian Indian of Jai Krishna on the same street in Finsbury Park. Yum!
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