King's College, Cambridge (iStockphoto)

River street in Cambridge (iStockphoto)

Punting on the River Cam, Cambridge (iStockphoto)

Trinity College of Cambridge University, UK (iStockphoto)


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What to do in Cambridge

There’s a certain air about Cambridge—be it the youthful charm of the students who flock here to decrypt algorithms, decipher literature, and debate politics, or the locals’ not-so-humble love of their home city. It’s a place of privilege and prestige, of aristocracy and high society, and of famous last names. The alumni list reads like a high school history book, where it’s entirely possible to walk in the footsteps of Charles Darwin, Jane Goodall, Sir Isaac Newton, David Frost, and Prince Charles, to name just a few. It’s a place where being smart is cool, and being cool is smart. The River Cam snakes through it all, connecting each outdoor café with parks and gardens, museums, and historic churches. Wander the narrow streets and find tavern where you can elbow up to a rich mahogany bar. Crack open a Pimm’s and nod along with the intellectual banter.

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