What to do in Underhill State Park

Resting at the headwaters of Brown's River along the slopes of Mt. Mansfield, Underhill State Park is a wonderful place to camp and venture out from. The park offers 34 campsites and easy access to wonderful trout waters. There is much to do in this area that is situated amidst spectacular scenery in a world-class recreation and tourist environment.

Underhill is within Vermont's 34,000-acre Mt. Mansfield State Forest. On the headwaters of the Brown's River, at about 2,000 feet elevation, the park lies on the west slope of 4,300 feet Mt. Mansfield, the state's highest peak. Just over the summit ridge is the Stowe ski area, one of North America's original ski resorts.

The elevation and corresponding exposure to harsh climatic conditions have resulted in some relatively unusual vegetation types along the mountain's summit ridge. The low, stunted-plants found in the alpine tundra near the summit, very rare in New England, are more typical of types found on broad expanses of Arctic tundra a thousand miles farther north. These plants are fragile (if you hike to the summit, please stay on rock and trail).

Underhill State Park offers a wonderful place to recreate along the slopes of Mt. Mansfield above the headwaters of Brown's River. The high elevation offers an environment favorable for Alpine plant species. Hikers are encouraged to stay on trails. The park offers camping, hunting, picnicking and excellent trout fishing. Cross-country skiing permitted in winter by walking around entrance gate; all facilities closed including restrooms.

Nearby attractions include Mt. Mansfield Natural Area with its alpine vegetation; Cantilever Rock which is a 60-foot obelisk wedged into a vertical cliff jutting outward 31 feet; Smuggler's Notch with its towering cliffs and torrid history; access to a stretch of the Long Trail which offers the courageous hiker one of the steepest climbs of nearly 3,000 feet to the top of Mt. Mansfield (4,395 feet) within 2.3 miles. The visitor also has the opportunity to stop and enjoy the many privately held ski resorts, art galleries, shops, motels and much more.

From Underhill Center travel northeast on Pleasant Valley Road just about 1 mile turning right onto Mountain Road and traveling it several miles to the state park. Note: Steep entrance, no trailers.

Winter daytime temperatures in the lower half of the Lakes / Kingdom region averages 14 to 16 degrees Fahrenheit (-10 to -9 Celsius). The upper half of this region experiences winter temperatures ranging below 14 degrees Fahrenheit (below -10 Celsius). Summer daytime temperatures are cooler along the western area of Lake Champlain averaging 66 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit (19 to 21 Celsius). The central area of this region expects temperatures from 66 to 68 degrees Fahrenheit (19 to 20 Celsius) with the eastern area of this region experiencing the coolest summer time temperatures of less than 66 degrees Fahrenheit (below 19 Celsius). The yearly precipitation for Lakes and Kingdom Travel Region vary from less than 36 inches (91 centimeters) along the western line to more than 44 inches (112 centimeters) along the eastern border of New Hampshire and Canada.

P.O. Box 249
Underhill Center, VT 05490

Phone: 802-899-3022

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