The Spas That Thailand Begot

Himalayan Healing Stone treatment, Chi spa (courtesy, Shangri-La Hotel)
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For a comprehensive listing of Thailand's spas, visit the official website of the Tourism Authority of Thailand:

Jai yin yin, which colloquially translates to "calm down," is the phrase you'll likely hear if things get heated in the smile-filled realm that is Thailand. And what better way to calm things right down than getting lost for the day in a spa, one of this country's most perfect pleasures?

While the cost in some places for having every inch of your body pampered will run little more than a fancy meal at home, others reflect Western prices—but with service, atmosphere, and a variety of treatments to far outstrip what you might find in the United States. It goes without saying that the ever-chilled Thai people have elevated the spa concept into an art form. So to celebrate their lock on all things relaxing, here are our favorites, should you ever find yourself visiting Thailand in need of a little mental and physical realignment.

Published: 14 Dec 2005 | Last Updated: 15 Sep 2010
Details mentioned in this article were accurate at the time of publication


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