Snowbird, Utah

The Best Snowboarding in North America

Snowbird is located in little Cottonwood Canyon, about 25 miles from the middle of Salt Lake City, Utah. This area has exploded over the years, and is still gaining momentum toward the 2002 Winter Games. A mile up the road is the small ski town of Alta, but Snowbird is king around here. The resort has a big, clean, corporate feel, and it's not cheap; however, the abundance of fresh powder washes over any drawbacks.

Snowbird is a mythically huge, double black-diamond behemoth. The mountain has become something of a benchmark for aspiring freeriders who migrate here from far and wide for long winters of abundant, steep, powder-rich terrain. The meeting of like minds contributes to a well-cooked scene. The high-speed quad, built in the mid-nineties cut through much of the lift-line delays that were a bit of a hindrance to the mountain's riders. Today, the most persistent queues are for the Tram, which takes 125 die-hard powder heads to 11,000 feet in eight minutes. Once there, it's a desperate scramble to strap in quickly and score freshies.

Snow depth averages over 40 feet from Thanksgiving Day until May. The westerly snow pattern is boosted by the local precipitation contributions of the Great Salt Lake, which lies conveniently in the main storm path.

Snowbird Essentials

Web Site:

Mountain information: 801-742-2222 ext.4130

Snow Report: 801-742-2222 ext.4285

Getting There

By plane: Slat Lake International Airport is serviced by most of the major airlines. The airport is a twenty-minute drive into the city. The Utah Transit Authority runs a cheap, efficient bus system that services Little Cottonwood Canyon.

By car: Snowbird is approximately 25 miles from Salt Lake City. Take Interstate 15 South out of the city to Interstate 215 East. Turn onto Route 210 East to Little Cottonwood Canyon.


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