Best Ski Resorts in Europe


If you love to ski, then you owe a debt of gratitude to the denizens of Europe's Alps. After all, it was here that skiing as we know it was born and perfected. Better yet, why not visit the home of skiing and pay homage in person?

Tucked within the crescent of jagged peaks that extends from Slovenia in the east clear across the heart of Europe to France are hundreds of ski resorts of staggering beauty, size, and diversity of skiable terrain.

Yet even in the Alps—where verticals of 5,000 feet barely merit a shrug and "quaint" is an assumed virtue of every resort town—some resorts stand out for the exceptional skiing experience they offer.'s list of the top ten European ski resorts contains some world-famous names—after all, the Winter Olympics have been staged at three of them—and a few lesser knowns.

So pick your preferred style of ski town (small village, large town, or small city) and foreign culture (Austro-German, Swiss-German, French-German, French, or Italian), and be prepared for a trip that is as much about fabulous food, rubbing elbows with an international cast of characters, and marveling at spectacular mountain scenery as it is about skiing.

With no further ado, here are our Top 10 European ski resorts:


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