Hidden Thailand: Spend a Day With a Private Guide on Railay Beach

Our Thai experts reveal ten off-the-beaten-beach adventures that only natives knew about…until now
You and Nuu's Own Private Playground: Krabi, Thailand (Digital Vision)

Originally from Chiang Mai, Nuu Phanu works as a climbing guide at HotRock on Railay Beach, Krabi. If you hire him for rock climbing, he'll assume you really want to climb and will lead you up some of the most challenging routes you've ever encountered. However, if you tell him you're just in it for the fun, the sky is the limit. I have seen two girls go into the shop, ask for a day of climbing, and return at day's end after spending the afternoon building kites in the jungle. An amateur herpetologist, Nuu is the kind of guy who will drop his breakfast to chase down a Malaysian pit viper in the nearby stream, and then get hired for a day of cobra-hunting by another potential climber. If his boss, Luang, has not properly hidden the keys to his speedboat, Nuu might have you out for a day of wakeboarding, or take you skim boarding on the beach break of Railay Beach—and if all else fails, he's an incredibly talented sandcastle architect. Nuu's a gregarious extrovert, so all of these activities are done with clear explanations from a Thai point of view (something that's hard to find in tourist areas). You can find Nuu on Railay Beach at The Scholar Coffee Shop in Bobo's Plaza each morning. He works for Luang and Sara at HotRock.
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Published: 25 Oct 2005 | Last Updated: 15 Sep 2010
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