Camp on Bamboo Island

Your Pick of Pleasures: Swim, snorkel, kayak? It's all good on Bamboo Island (courtesy, Krabi Island Tours)

Join your hosts, Australian tour guide Elizabeth Sainui and her Thai husband Sun, on a longtail (the traditional small, two-stroke engine boats) cruise to Bamboo Island, a remote stretch of land off of Ao Nang, with some of the best snorkeling in the Andaman Sea. Dip your head under water and you'll find yourself surrounded by orange and white clown fish and, if you're really lucky, the very shy and very poisonous yellow-lipped sea snake. You'll definitely be mesmerized by the calm, clear water above and the psychedelic multi-colored coral, unspoiled by fishing nets and anchors, down below. Spend a day floating in the aquamarine sea or paddle a sea kayak around the island. And once your muscles are sapped, kick back and relax on the fine, soft-as-silk sand beaches and enjoy some fresh watermelon and pineapple offered up by your guides. Just keep an eye out for the giant monitor lizards. These shy animals have a nasty bite, so don't get too close. Come dinnertime, Sun cooks up tasty traditional Thai feasts over a campfire using jungle leaves, roots, fresh meat, and fish. The island's accommodations range from tent camping to fisherman's huts maintained by the national park service.
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