Top Ten Extreme Ski Slopes

Beyond Black: The World's Top 10 Classic Steeps
By Peter Oliver & Alistair Wearmouth

Yes, Corbet's Couloir is thought by some to be an overrated trophy run. Yes, Corbet's isn't the steepest line that Jackson Hole has to offer. But, how can you ignore what is, quite possibly, the most-famed beyond-black run in America? This is a blood-curdling, muscle-ripping vertical plunge that starts out with a 20-foot leap of faith.

Needless to say, the key to riding Corbet's is the entry. If you don't stick that first turn after your hair-raising aerial entry into the couloir, well, don't plan on making a second. You'll be on a long, fast slide to the bottom.

Zip up on the resort's aerial tram—if you can ever call a 12-minute ride zipping—and you'll find yourself peering nervously over Rendezvous Mountain's celebrated drops. Remember, too, there are plenty of other trails at Jackson for those who like their skiing raw and vertical; don't simply assume that Corbet's is all there is because it's higher than the rest. Below the treeline, the Hobacks section of the mountain awaits the skier in search of extra bragging rights once Corbet's has been tamed.

Resort Facts


Phone: 1-888-DEEP-SNO

2002-03 lift pass: $61


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