Guanajuato City (Guanajuato)

LOSE YOURSELF: One of Guanajuato’s signature alleyways (Corbis)

Guanajuato's narrow and impossibly winding streets would be frustrating were the city not so damn charming. But it really is that charming, and getting lost among the alleyways and tiny parks and gardens is all part of the appeal. In October, Guanajuato hosts its world-famous "Cervantino" festival, three weeks of music, theater, street performances, and massive throngs of happy festival-goers. Guanajuato is fairly quiet the rest of the year, though performances are held frequently at theaters around town.

Inside Tip: Guanajuato has a peculiar array of museums: one about Don Quixote, another about muralist Diego Rivera, and a third about mummies, which began when city officials discovered that bodies buried here were mummified rather than decayed. Not for the weak of stomach.

Liza Prado and Gary Chandler are the authors of numerous guidebooks to Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean, including Yucatán Peninsula and Cancún & Cozumel , both published by Moon Handbooks.


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