Monaco at night (iStockphoto)

Fountains at dusk in Casino square Monaco (iStockphoto)

Monaco (iStockphoto)


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What to do in Monaco

Monaco may be tiny—it’s just half the size of New York’s Central Park—but it's an outsize entity when it comes to glitz and glamour. Sandwiched between the French and Italian rivieras, the principality is an unabashed playground for the mega-rich. Ferraris rumble along its maze of stone streets, and multi-million-dollar yachts fill the slips in its sparkling Mediterranean harbor. Monaco draws jetsetters from around the world, though few can compete with Monaco's own Grimaldi family, royals who have ruled the sovereign state since 1297. But, Monaco isn’t entirely off-limits to those lacking a private jet or royal title. The famed Monte Carlo Casino, for instance, has a dress code and modest entrance fee, but it welcomes dreamers to chance their luck on the slots in its Salle Blanche room.

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