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Take a Holiday
It’s counter-intuitive, but the day after Thanksgiving has become one of the cheapest days to fly. As most people are still in a food coma or shopping frenzy, the airlines have started hosting Black Friday fare sales to help spread out the Turkey Day airport traffic.

Flying on Christmas or New Year’s can also yield decent savings. Certainly most people would rather be with family on Christmas and spend New Year’s Eve anywhere but in a plane. However, with good advance planning, a savvy traveler can nab a sweet fare for these festive winter holidays.

The thriftiest travelers know that December plane trips are best avoided in general. Save your time off for January, when airfares take a dive after the holiday rush.

Maintain Flexibility and Planning in Advance
Useful travel websites and search engines can put you on the scent of a prime, unadvertised airfare sale.

Thanks to a complex searching algorithm, Bing's travel section can predict if a fare is likely to rise, fall, or stay the same. To search for your tailor-made fare, Bing takes your departure city or airport and ideal dates. Then it filters the results based on how many stops you prefer and your price range.

When searching for the cheapest days to fly in a month, compare fares at a glance with the Best Fares calendar at Kayak. After you’ve inserted your departure and destination cities, a monthly calendar appears on the right hand side of the website showing the lowest airfares listed for each day. With this guide, input your preferred dates to complete the search and compare fares.

Orbitz is a reliable site for seeing current, exact fares—and with its plus-or-minus-three-days option, you can compare fares in a travel date grid. Plus, it offers a “Price Match” guarantee, so if someone else books the same itinerary on the site for cheaper than yours, you automatically get a refund for the difference.

Prime flight-shopping time is between six and 12 weeks before departure—despite the rare exception of a last-minute fare to somewhere reasonably worthwhile. So if nothing else, think about where in the world you want to go and keep an eye out for tickets right away to spot the cheapest days to fly. Often the best savings come from good old-fashioned comparison shopping.

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