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Contributing to sustainable cruising starts with the travelers themselves.  (Holland America)

Safeguarding the seas doesn't end with corporations and watchdog agencies. Travelers also can tread softly and act consciously. Sustainable ecotourism requires the action of both parties. Here are some tips on how to be a more ecologically responsible cruiser.

-Depart from the closest port to your home.

-Turn off the lights when leaving your cabin, keep your balcony door closed, and take quick showers.

-Recycle. Most ships have recycling containers for paper, cans, and plastic. If you don't see them, ask.

-Book eco-excursions. A percentage of the funds you spend on onshore excursions goes to local communities.

-Attend the cruise eco-talk, where you'll get an overview of their environmental and sustainable efforts.

-Reuse your towels in the bathroom.

-Look for safe drinking water onboard and refill your plastic water bottles instead of tossing and getting a new one.

For information on how to select a sustainable cruise vacation, go straight to the source. Check the cruise line's website for its sustainability report; some lines even have a section dedicated to their environmental initiatives. If you want to take the work out of it, book with a travel company that specializes in ecotourism, such as Row Adventures, Myths and Mountains, or AdventureSmith Explorations. You can learn more about U.S. and international environmental policies and procedures by visiting the Cruise Lines International Association's website.

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