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Disney World at night
Disney World at night  (Dawn Ashley/Flickr)

The Magic is Lost: The Downside of Disney
“My only complaint about Disney World is the buses. They need handicapped-only buses added to keep things flowing more smoothly. You wait 15 minutes, your bus comes, it takes another five to get folks on, then you find you can't fit on because there are so many people in wheelchairs on the bus that you have to wait for the next one. That's really my only issue—that and the cost of food, but that's par for the course.” -Crissie

“Disney is an overpriced tourist-trap type place. (well to be fair, all of Orlando, Florida, is a giant tourist-trap). The food is overpriced for the quality. Yes, there are some really nice restaurants, but those are grossly overpriced with the Disney surcharge. If you get 'fast-food' at the theme parks you should expect fast-food/concession stand quality food. However, even their cafe type and medium-priced (by Disney's pricing scheme) sit-down restaurants are mediocre at best.

Once on Disney property, you are a captive audience and the only food available is the aforementioned over-priced crap. And heaven forbid you forget something like shampoo because there is not a drugstore in sight and you have to go to the resort gift shop for a terrible selection and high prices. In addition to the grievances previously listed, Disney has the nerve to offer conference attendees a park pass that is supposedly at a 'discounted' rate, but you cannot enter the parks until after 2:30 and the pass still runs at least $75. No thanks.” -Bellanc

“The entire Walt Disney World has become so big that the special touch got lost. I remember fondly the old days and what it used to be. My children have been there but they really got tired of the crowds and the long slow moving lines… Anyhow, $89 for a one day ticket is insane!” -Vivi

“Can’t stand the place, there is nothing magical about it. We have been lucky enough to take some great family vacations and spend our time making truly happy memories, (hiking and finding waterfalls, rafting, snorkeling, discovering all there is to do and love about a different place/culture, etc.) and to us Disney did not add to these great vacations or memories. Not to mention it was one of the most expensive. We left feeling as though we had wasted our time and money and were very frustrated with the overall "brainwashed" attitude of its employees. If I had a dollar for every time I heard "have a magical day" or "it's just the Disney way" I may have had enough to pay for our $12 turkey sandwiches for lunch.” -Holly

To Disney’s Defense: The Magic Returns
“The food is expensive, but no worse than anywhere else that's tourist-heavy. See what a burger costs you at Kennedy Space Center, or in Honolulu! As long as you do your big rides first thing, you can spend the rest of the time enjoying everything else at the park. A productive morning is the key to Disney bliss, even during busy seasons.” -Solomon

“Walt Disney World is a fantastic, magical place but it requires ample preparation equivalent to the cost. Do your homework and you'll have a wonderful time.” -Kara

“Don't do Disney until you can do it right (aka. save your bucks), don’t worry about lines because that's like worrying about ants in the jungle… Oh, and one more thing, eat at Epcot. Pick a country other than France (food is AWFUL there) and eat. It's a lot of fun!” -Tony

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