What to do in Tower Hill State Park

Tower Hill State Park is located in Southwest Wisconsin on 77 acres at the site of a 19th century lead-shot manufacturing operation. A 120-foot long shaft, connected to the riverbank by a 90-foot tunnel, where lead was dropped using the "Watts Method." The operation continued until 1860 when the country's turbulence due to state's rights and a faltering economy brought an end to the shot tower operation.

The park's location along the broad Wisconsin River valley makes it one of the state's most scenic state parks. Incredible views and quiet location make for an enjoyable visit.

The historic shot tower along with a quiet woodland and scenic river location brings visitors to Tower Hill State Park.

The 19th century lead shot operation may be viewed through displays inside the tower building. A videotape presentation gives details of the pig iron operation and the importance of the Wisconsin River between 1833 and 1861. A short hiking trail leads up to the shot tower.

The park's campground has 15 sites under a shade canopy comprised of mixed hardwoods. Amenities at the campground include picnic tables, fire boxes, drinking water, pit toilets, a site with a stone fireplace, and several sites with river access; great for canoeists.

The day use area of the park consists of picnic tables and two reservable shelters.

One of the most popular recreation venues is canoeing the Wisconsin River. A remote segment of water between Spring Green and Boscobel privates a tranquil experience.

The park is open mid-April to October.

A visit to Tower Hill State Park enables visitors to camp, hike, paddle, picnic and view a historic site with interpretive film.

Located in Southwest Wisconsin, Tower Hill State Park is 3.5 miles southeast of Spring Green.

Southwest Wisconsin has four distinct seasons with warm summers and long winters. January's average temperature is above 16 degrees F (-9 degrees C). Average July temperature is 85 degrees F (29 degrees C). During summer, temperatures can climb to above 90 degrees F (32 degrees C). The area's average yearly precipitation ranges from 32-34". Annual snowfalls in the Southwest Region can range from 20 - 40". Dressing in layers is a good way to remain comfortable in Wisconsin.

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