A sunset with palm trees on Tortola, British Virgin Islands (British Virgin Islands Tourism Board)

What to do in Tortola

The island of Tortola has reached a level of popularity that ensures you won’t have flashbacks to Columbus stumbling upon a hamlet of strung hammocks and footprint-free sand. However, the most-populated plot of the British Virgin Islands replaces what it’s missing in seclusion with unmistakable culture, all backed by the near-steady beat of a steel drum. Sketchy surf shacks and roadside vendors hawk fresh fish, selections of the island’s finest fruit, and local arts and crafts. The beaches, though littered with 100 of your newest best friends, are visually stunning, but don’t be surprised if a million-dollar mega yacht cruising in awakes your mid-day slumber. And naps you’ll need because Tortola only wears party pants. Bomba's Surfside Shack, located off Cappoon's Bay, is infamous for its monthly full-moon parties and hallucinogenic tea.

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