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Research Trips
The thirst for knowledge, if not totally killed by the rigors of college, can live on without the onorous tests. The professor may even call on you to take some notes for his newest study. Next vacation, delve deep. Research marine mammal life in Monterey Bay; explore Midway Island's natural history; study Mexico's endangered Dry Forest; count dolphin families in the Bahamas, or humpbacks off Hawaii. The world's wonders await your in-depth investigation.

Volunteer Vacations
Next vacation, why not contribute to society, rather then just observing it? Let your altruism lead adventure by volunteering to preserve Utah's ancient rock art, study community health in Cameroon, track mountain lions in Idaho, monitor the manatees of Sarasota Bay, save the leatherback turtle, or study Oregon's wildflowers. Volunteer programs create an unforgettable experience that unravels the world's complexities rather that than offering a simple escape. Volunteer, and discover that it is indeed better to give than to receive.

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