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Language Schools
Habla Español? Sprechen sie Deutsch? You will after spending your vacation immersed in a new language. Whether you have just a week or an entire summer, you can start speaking like a native by enrolling in a language school in your country of choice. Options vary, depending on your skill level and desires: total immersion with a local host family, morning classes at a language school (leaving afternoons and evenings free to test your daily lessons), or an intensive course that aims to give you an international silver tongue in a matter of weeks.

Photography Schools
Getting that stack of photos back from vacation is always a humbling experience: what you thought you shot and what you actually captured are two very different things. Forget the frustrations of blurred images, dead batteries, and that damn lens cap and learn how to take photos that truly capture the wonder of your trip. A professional photographer will show you the tricks of their trade—and we're not talking about spending your vacation in a dark room, hands submerged in chemicals. Countless options are possible, from month-long African photo safaris to week-long photography tours of Ireland, New Zealand, or Morocco, and all skill levels—from novices with their first Nikons to experienced photographers anxious to perfect their craft—will discover new techniques. Let your next vacation slide show inspire expressions of awe, not exhaustion.

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