View of Bangkok, Thailand (Corbis)

Floating Market in Bangkok, Thailand (Steinitz)

Biking in Bangkok, Thailand (Nathan Borchelt)

View from the roof, Bangkok, Thailand (Nathan Borchelt)


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What to do in Bangkok

No denying it: Bangkok is chaotic. Expect to spend half your time just getting to where you want to go. But here the journey is the destination. This concrete and asphalt metropolis is anchored by car-choked and tuk-tuk-clogged streets. But its residents earn their Land of Smiles slogan; flash a grin and a few baht and you’re on your way to majestic temples shimmering under near-constant sun; Khaosan Road, where a who’s who of backpackers have been etched into bathroom stalls; or open-air markets where nearly everything can be bought for the right price. Along the way, pass by monks in saffron robes and dine on the endless variety of Thai street food. Or discover the Venice of the East by way of city canals, where modern Bangkok reclaims its bygone charms as you drift past stilted wooden homes, colonial mansions, and Buddhist shrines.

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Traveler Reviews of Bangkok

Lacy rates Bangkok
Throughout the years people have raved about Bangkok and the easy access to, well, everything! And it's true, you can honestly get anything you've ever desired here. To me, that was the problem. I felt like the real Thailand had left years ago and now it was just overrun with backpackers who left behind filth and trashed hostel rooms. Khao San Road, the main backpacker drag, was just plain gross. It was miserably hot, and the intense crowds of people only exaggerated the heat and stench. If you're visiting Thailand, I would suggest only scheduling a day or two in Bangkok, and then from there head to the coast or smaller cities that still have a hand on some culture.
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