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South Padre Island, Texas (South Padre Island CVB)

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South Padre Island holds a hearty reputation as an all-night, anything-goes beach town. During spring break, tens of thousands of college students arrive via airport shuttles for the infamous Full Throttle Beach Party, sunset booze cruises, and party buses that deliver hordes of the country’s youth to the Mexico border, where they shuffle back over with cartons of duty-free cigarettes, sombreros, and a lingering buzz. On the other hand, South Padre boasts a wild side that has nothing to do with what happens when the sun goes down. Roll north from town and you’ll find an expansive coastline, white-sand beaches, and Padre Island National Seashore. Those wanting to split the difference will find plenty of activities, including surfing and kiteboarding; fishing; nature tours; and Sea Turtle Inc., a nonprofit rescue and rehabilitation center for the aquatic cuties that nest on SPI annually.

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South Padre is an excellent choice for Spring Breakers on a budget. It is in the US, and a day-long drive for many Midwest states. It's essentially a long stretch of beach, with hotels and nightclubs scattered throughout. It has a very active nightlife, as you can imagine. And the beach is basically a big party during the day. However, as long as you don't go during Spring Break season, it would be a great place for families as well. Just make sure you check dates before you book!
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