Austin City Limits Festival, Austin, Texas (ACVB/Andrew Shapter)

Colorado River and downtown skyline in Austin, Texas (Allan Baxter/Photodisc)

City skyline in Austin, Texas (Jeremy Woodhouse/Digital Vision/Getty)

Skyline night in Austin, Texas (Texas Tourism/Kenny Braun)


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What to do in Austin

There is always somebody in Austin waiting to tell you that you should have been there way back when. The era of the Cosmic Cowboy is gone, and while the Texas capital continues to hold tight to its rep as Live Music Capital of the World, the cultural shifts are as obvious as the skyscrapers overtaking the formerly modest skyline. In the shadows of the fancy hotels, visitors are just as likely to rub elbows with newly minted tech millionaires as they are U of T dropouts dreaming of a record deal. Yet Austin maintains its live-and-let-live vibe. And as you settle in, order up a plate of Tex-Mex, and watch the tattooed hipsters line up in front of South Congress Avenue food trucks, it will dawn on you: In Austin, where folks have long placed a premium on keeping things weird, the more things change, the more they stay the same.

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