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jerlich rates Zanzibar
Stayed for 5 nights. We spent 4 nights at the Sultan's Palace resort in Dongwe. Sultan's Palace is a very nice place, the food is excellent, and the beach is beautiful. The final night we spent in Stone Town at Jafferji House, which is beautiful. The historical buildings in Stone Town were not as well preserved as we had hoped but touring the area was interesting. Visiting the giant tortoises at Prison Island and snorkeling at the reef there was a highlight for us. We also had dinner at the Tower Top restaurant at 236 Hurumzi which had very impressive ambiance and wonderful live music. Overall, Zanzibar is a very unique and beautiful place if you can get over the fact that service is not quite at the level of some other top destinations around the world. There are language barriers and frequent power outages but hey, you're in Africa!
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Kathleen rates Zanzibar
This island is beautiful--I was there with medical missons but got to stay at the Tembo hotel---great food and wonderful sunsets--Everything is a walk away--the evening markets are great--you can purchase items made by the locals and food prepared on grills--This is a place everyone should visit at least once ---and believe me, you will want to go back!
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