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jerlich rates Taichung
I lived in Taichung for about a year back in 2001. It's changed quite a bit but I hear it's still an interesting place to visit (if you happen to be in Taiwan already) with fascinating pockets of Japanese and European culture hidden all over the city. As the 3rd-largest city on the island, it has a fairly large foreign population. I recommend renting a scooter and driving out to the fish market by the port (takes about 45 minutes). You will see species of fish and shellfish there that look downright alien. Like the rest of Taiwan, the street food is quite tasty and very affordable. Avoid the Cho Dofu (stinky tofu). Most locals speak at least some English so it's not too difficult to get around. Oh, it's less rainy than Taipei and far less polluted than Kaohsiung, the two other "meccas" in Taiwan.
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