Alps sunrise, Lucerne, Switzerland (iStockphoto/Thinkstock)


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Craig rates Lucerne
The scenery in Switzerland is spectacular and like no other scenery anywhere else in the world. Far more majestic than the mountain ranges in Colorado and Canada. I went during the summer. I recommend visiting twice- one summer trip and one winter trip. Lucerne is some of the best scenery in Switzerland, but the entire country is a must see. Most people I met speak English fluently, as well as their own language. All of the neighborhoods appeared nicely maintained. I did not see any slums or homeless people, other than the prostitutes in the district where it is legal in Geneva.
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Julie rates Lucerne
Lucerne is the most beautiful small city I have ever seen. The picturesque combination of Lake Lucerne, Mt.s Rigi, Pilatus and Stanserhorn (I think) is so amazing. The train ride from Zurich is only 45 minutes, and also quite lovely. The KKL has a restaurant that is open for lunch and is quite reasonable. I learned to ask for hahnenwasser (sp.?) for tap water, which is much cheaper than bottled water or sodas. Walking across the ancient Chapel Bridge is so quaint. I would love to go back one day. Switzerland is just so ridiculously gorgeous all around. Aahh... miss it.
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Pieter rates Lucerne
Spendy, but really nice and historic. We ate on this little lake-boat that's been converted into a restaurant and afterwards hit a little Swiss-German festival that was right outside the hotel. Quaint and pretty, but not worth more than a few days before heading up to the Alps.
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