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Blausee Nature Park

Between Kandersteg and Frutigen
Blausee, Switzerland

Distance: 24.7 mi. (from destination center)

Description: The Blausee Nature Park is the bijou of the Bernese Alps. This deep blue lake with its crystal... Read More

St. Peter's Isle/Lac de Bienne

Between Bienne and Neuchâtel
Biel-Bienne, Switzerland

Distance: 24.7 mi. (from destination center)

Description: It can be reached by boat from Tüscherz, Wingreis, Twann, Ligerz, La Neuveville, Erlach and... Read More

Ballenberg Open-Air Museum

Brienz, Switzerland

Distance: 25.7 mi. (from destination center)

Description: Open-air living history museum where craftsmen use authentic tools and demonstrate woodcarving, basketmaking, and other original skills. A variety of farm animals are also on the grounds.... Read More
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Staubbach Falls

Bernese Oberland
Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland

Distance: 25.8 mi. (from destination center)

Description: People were fascinated by the 300 m high Staubbach Falls as early as the Middle Ages. The... Read More

Museum of Swiss Agriculture Alberswil-Willisau

Burgrain 20
Alberswil-Willisau, Switzerland

Distance: 27.6 mi. (from destination center)

Description: On the area of 2.500 m2 the museum gives an insight into former customs of Swiss peasants and... Read More

Lakeside Village of Gletterens (Village Lacustre Gletterens)

between Estavayer-le-Lac and Avenches
Gletterens, Switzerland

Distance: 29.8 mi. (from destination center)

Description: Built in 1996 on the site of a lakeside village dating back to 3000 B.C., the Neolithic farm at... Read More

Gruyère Regional Museum

Rue de la condèmine 25
Bulle, Switzerland

Distance: 30.3 mi. (from destination center)

Description: Discover the world of traditional Gruyere costumes.

From Read More


Distance: 30.4 mi. (from destination center)

Description: Highest railway station in Europe, reached by two trains. Ice and snow make for an eternal winter playground at the top.... Read More
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Abbey Church Payerne

halfway between Lausanne and Bern
Payerne, Switzerland

Distance: 30.9 mi. (from destination center)

Description: The 11th-century abbey church of Payerne is one of the most important Romanesque churches in... Read More

The Town of Neuchâtel

Neuchâtel, Switzerland

Distance: 31.0 mi. (from destination center)

Description: Neuchâtel is a university town with a rich cultural and architectural past. Make the most of... Read More

Here are results 21-30 of 121