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Castle Hünegg

Staatsstrasse 52
Hilterfingen, Switzerland

Distance: 15.3 mi. (from destination center)

Description: The castle on Lake Thun stands in a delightful park surrounded by venerable old trees. Commissioned... Read More

Castle Oberhofen, Museum and Park

Oberhofen, Switzerland

Distance: 16.0 mi. (from destination center)

Description: Picturesque Oberhofen Castle is situated on the shores of Lake Thun. A branch of Berne's Historical... Read More

Historic Fribourg

Avenue de la Gare 1
Fribourg, Switzerland

Distance: 16.9 mi. (from destination center)

Description: Fribourg has preserved its character as a medieval town thanks to a superb collection (the only one... Read More



Zentralstrasse 60 (Tourism bureau)
Biel (Bienne), Switzerland

Distance: 18.7 mi. (from destination center)

Description: Biel is the only town in Switzerland in which French and German are both spoken on an equal basis.... Read More

St. Peter's Isle/Lac de Bienne

Between Bienne and Neuchâtel
Biel-Bienne, Switzerland

Distance: 19.4 mi. (from destination center)

Description: It can be reached by boat from Tüscherz, Wingreis, Twann, Ligerz, La Neuveville, Erlach and... Read More


near Avenches

Distance: 19.9 mi. (from destination center)

Description: During the Roman period, Aventicum was the capital city of the Helvetians, and Avenches remains one... Read More

Historical Old City/St. Urs Cathedral Solothurn

Solothurn, Switzerland

Distance: 20.3 mi. (from destination center)

Description: Solothurn, Switzerland's most attractive Baroque town, marries Italian magnificence with French... Read More

River Aare Cruise Solothurn-Biel

Solothurn, Switzerland

Distance: 20.3 mi. (from destination center)

Description: A romantic, contemplative voyage on the Aare River from Solothurn to Biel. We board the "Siesta", a... Read More

Lakeside Village of Gletterens (Village Lacustre Gletterens)

between Estavayer-le-Lac and Avenches
Gletterens, Switzerland

Distance: 25.1 mi. (from destination center)

Description: Built in 1996 on the site of a lakeside village dating back to 3000 B.C., the Neolithic farm at... Read More

The Town of Neuchâtel

Neuchâtel, Switzerland

Distance: 25.8 mi. (from destination center)

Description: Neuchâtel is a university town with a rich cultural and architectural past. Make the most of... Read More

Here are results 11-20 of 115