What to do in Sun Lakes State Park

Sun Lakes State Park covers 4,023.71 acres and has 73,640 feet of freshwater shoreline. Sun Lakes includes Lake Lenore Caves Historical Area, which covers 213.70 acres. The park offers 174 standard sites, 18 utility sites, 10 group campsites, 90 picnic sites, a Visitor Center, 300 feet of beach, a boat launch, an Environmental Learning Center with a capacity of 84 people, seven restrooms, 3 shops, a trailer dump, a mower shed, six pump houses, 15.5 miles of hiking trails, two equestrian trails, 27.5 miles of road, and 5 sewage lagoons.

In addition, the park provides the following activities and facilities to the public: horseback riding, a golf course, a cafe, a general store, boat rentals, 50 cabins and 10 mobile homes, 112 utility campsites, a Laundromat, a marina and viewing binoculars at Dry Falls Overlook.

Activities at the park include camping, swimming, boating, fishing, picnicking, golf, sun bathing, hiking, interpretive viewing, and canoeing.

Sun Lakes is located in Grant County, 7 miles southwest of Coulee City on State Highway 17.

The climate of Washington varies within each region. The Cascades split the state and alter the weather patterns. The terrain east of the mountains, which includes Sun Lakes State Park, receives approximately 12 inches of rainfall per year, generally much less than west of the mountains. Since the area east of the mountains is landlocked, temperatures in this region are lower during the winter months. Frequent winds coming down from the mountains also contribute to the low temperatures of eastern Washington.

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