Ten Hip Family Vacations

Being a parent doesn't mean vacations have to be a bore. Follow our lead to ten great places for you and your kids to let it rip

Despite proclamations that having kids makes you instantly un-hip, you know the truth: Your clothes are cool, your kids are even cooler, and, on sitter nights you still hang out at your favorite dive bar. Why then, when vacation time rolls around, do you think that auntie's condo in Boca the only available option? In addition to the banner destinations that receive the bulk of family vacation fanfare, allow us to present ten other destinations, from Caribbean hot spots to the wilds of Central America. Some you might have thought were restrictive now that you've got kids (newsflash: they're not). Others may have never crossed your mind, but may soon rank at the top of your list. Regardless, each will go a long way towards resurrecting that iconoclastic sense of self you had before the diapers arrived, reaffirming that sense of cool for both you and your brood.

Venice, Italy: That Lovin' Feeling
The city is sinking, gondolas ply the waters, and pigeons congregate in gangs that any kid worth their salt will want to break up. This place is for families, and best for children ten and older.

Venice is a car-less town that's big on art. You can rent bikes and pedal the promenade on the Lido, visit the Peggy Guggenheim Collection on the Grand Canal (its small size and sculpture garden make it a great pit stop), stroll the narrow streets that wind past shops blooming with treasures (feathered masks, trays of gelato), and ride the vaporetti, (ferry boats) that cross the lagoon and Grand Canal.

Even better, this city's palatable romantic vibe will inspire feelings that you're on your second honeymoon—a sense of calm that'll undoubtedly filter down to your kids.

Where to Stay:
Located on its own island, the San Clemente Palace boasts one of the city's few outdoor pools. For a less costly alternative, try the Best Western Cavalletto E Doge Orseolo near St. Mark's Square.

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Published: 11 Apr 2005 | Last Updated: 15 Sep 2010
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