Don't Be the Ugly American

United Kingdom
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The land of Sherlock Holmes has more than its fair share of murky etiquette mysteries (PhotoDisc)

You don't get much stranger than the Brits as far as bizarre customs go. Thankfully, most of their etiquette idiosyncrasies seem to have been replaced by common sense in recent years.

  • When ordering a beer, you don't necessarily need to tip the bartender. Unlike the U.S., British pint pourers don't rely on tips to make up their salary. However if you do feel that your server deserves a couple of "quid" (pounds), don't be shy—you'll probably make a friend for life.
  • Girls in the UK don't like to be blatantly hit on. Most of them have got a cynical sense of humor and will fend off smooth chat-up lines with feisty dry retorts. TALK to them, LISTEN to them. They like it.
  • High-fives in public are a no-no; you're not Tom Cruise and this is not Top Gun.
  • If you're traveling within the UK, buses are often a better bet than trains; they're cheaper and usually more punctual (check out for routes and fares).

Published: 13 May 2005 | Last Updated: 7 Nov 2012
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