What to do in Steamboat Rock State Park

Steamboat Rock State Park, Steamboat Rock Rest Area Boat Launch, Northrup Canyon, and Castle Rock Natural Area Preserve comprise the Steamboat Rock State Park Recreation Area, a 3,500-acre area with approximately 50,000 feet of freshwater shoreline.

Of special interest are the Castle Rock Natural Area Preserve, the flora and fauna on top of Steamboat Rock, area eagle roosts and nesting sites, Steamboat Rock Historic Landmark, the original Northrup Homestead, and the natural basalt formations and geological features of the area. The only natural forest in Grant County is located within the park.

Boating and fishing facilities consist of four boat ramps, handling docks, six mooring buoys, 12 boat-access campsites and two fish cleaning stations.

Campers are provided with 100 utility sites, 26 standard sites (2 are ADA), a group camp, 3 comfort stations, 2 solar vault toilets and a contact station. Public phones are at each camp area in the main park. The park is on the campsite reservation program.

Other amenities include a swim beach, a bathhouse and concession, 56 picnic sites, a Big Toy play structure, 34 miles of trails and parking for 264 vehicles.

Recreational activities include boating, fishing, water-skiing, scuba diving, windsurfing, swimming, sun bathing, hiking, camping, horseback riding, sightseeing, kite flying, metal detecting, and relaxing. Cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, and ice fishing are popular winter activities.

Shotgun-only hunting is available on adjacent lands administered jointly by the Game Department and State Parks.

Steamboat Rock State Park-Recreation Area is located 12 miles south of Grand Coulee on State Highway 155 in the northern corner of Grant County. The Boat Launch is 52 miles north of the main park on Highway 155.

Washington's climate varies with each region because the Cascade Mountains split the state and alter weather patterns. Steamboat Rock State Park-Recreation Area, located east of the mountains, receives significantly less rainfall than regions west of the mountains with an average annual precipitation of twelve inches.

Average summer temperatures are 94 degrees maximum and 50 degrees minimum. Because central Washington is landlocked and subject to winter winds, winter temperatures are much colder than those in western Washington.

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