What to do in Mayreau

Tall palms that fan with the breeze, endless rich blue water, empty stretches of secluded beach… in Mayreau (pronounced my-row) this all comes standard. This ant-size island (a mere 1.5 miles long) sits just west of Tobago Cays in the heavenly cluster of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. It’s still relatively unknown, and the only way to get on-island is by way of ferry from St. Vincent, and, at times, a family name. The heirs of the original plantation owners still largely own the land and make up part of the 200-some residents of the unnamed hilltop village that affords big-money views of the surrounding scape. Most of the island’s rare commotion comes when cruise ships debark for day excursions, but most note that they are quick to leave. And then, after that, you’re left with what this rise of land in the Caribbean Sea was made for: solitude.

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