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Unlike in high school or on the career ladder, in Bequia, getting left behind is a positive thing. This remote island that helps compose the 32-island St. Vincent and the Grenadines chain is relatively untouched by the hand of development companies. Most joints are ma-and-pa owned, and the day’s fresh catch is likely to be served right off the boat that hauled it in. The main town of Port Elizabeth is popular among yachters, which is the only way in unless you take a ferry from a neighboring island. Once onshore, a range of accommodations—from luxury villas to huts made for bare feet—awaits. Despite its wee size (just seven square miles), Bequia is a haven of beaches for every type of sun seeker. Hit up Princess Margaret Beach for simple white sand, Friendship Bay to catch some sporty wind, and Hope Beach for remote tranquility.

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