Coastal rocks at a tropical island St. Thomas (iStockphoto)

Cruise ship at sunset St. Thomas (Comstock)

Charlotte Amalie Streets St. Thomas (iStockphoto)

Morning at a tropical beach (iStockphoto)

Town of Charlotte Amalie and Harbor (iStockphoto)

Tropical beach in US Virgin Islands (iStockphoto)

St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands (iStockphoto)

Magens Bay from Drakes Seat with Flamboyant flower St. Thomas (Brand X Pictures)


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Don rates St. Thomas
I have been to St. Thomas many times. Wonderful island to relax and party. St. John's is next door if you really want to relax! Go gor it!
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gunnar rates St. Thomas
I love to travel to St Thomas because of the relaxed and easy life styles of the people that I meet there. They have US language, currency, laws and convenient flights to and from many cities. The beaches are beautiful and there are many good restaurants, shops and activites.
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