Caribbean beach St. Barths (iStockphoto)

Gustavia Harbor, St. Barths , French West Indies (Comstock)

St. Barths Sunset (iStockphoto)

Guanahani Beach St Barths (iStockphoto)

Sunset at St. Barths (iStockphoto)


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TONYM rates St. Barths
The most relaxing place on the planet. the food is amazing, one resturant is better than the next and that one was awesome. Do Andys Hideaway for the best pizza in the world and don't skip the vanilla rum! not for the faint of wallet during the high season but after April 16th villas can be rented reasonably. Point Mileu has the best sunsets and Saline the biggest mosquitos. driving after dark is best left to the locals so rent a villa near a hotel for dinner if you don't cook. flying in is the only way to earn your lavion stripes so unless the airport is closed skip the ferry you won't be dissapointed, infact you might get to sit in the co-pilots seat! once you go, vacationing elsewhere will just not be the same!
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