What to do in Squa Pan Public Reserved Land

Squa Pan Lake offers unsurpassed natural beauty on its 18,000 acres of forest land. The area has been described as offering perfect peace for the human spirit. Visitors come to camp and fish are rewarded with fresh air, bountiful catches, beautiful brilliant blue skies and deep, moist green forests.

The entire eastern shore of this large Aroostook County lake is the boundary of this 18,000 acre unit. Most of rugged Squa Pan Ridge is within the unit. This beautiful, special place of northern Maine are unsurpassed. Man-made facilities are few but nature has made up for the absence. Beauty abounds in the trees, mountains, water, sky and wildlife of this region.

Water access campsites on the lake shore and snowmobile trails through the woods are the most popular destinations for visitors. Hunting and trapping are allowed, subject to state rules and regulations. Call 207-287-3821 for specific policies and laws regarding these activities.

Access is by gravel road off Route 163 west of Presque Isle.

Aroostook County Region is Maine's coldest region. Winter outdoor enthusiasts will find daytime temperatures in the northern area averaging below 10 degrees Fahrenheit (below -12 Celsius). In the southern area they will find winter temperatures averaging 10 - 14 degrees Fahrenheit (-12 to -10 Celsius). Summer brings cool, bright days with temperatures in the northern area averaging below 65 degrees Fahrenheit (below 18 Celsius) and in the southern area, averaging around 66 (19 Celsius). The region varies with the amount of precipitation it receives. The coastal areas tend to have greater precipitation while the inland areas receive the highest annual snowfall. Aroostook County Region expects less than 38 inches (less than 97 centimeters) of precipitation each year.

45 Radar Road
Ashland, ME 04732

Phone: 207-435-7963

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