What to do in Spinney Mountain State Park

Spinney Mountain State Park lies on the South Platte River northwest of Elevenmile State Park. It is located at an elevation of 8,686 feet in southern South Park. The park encompasses 3,400 acres with a 2,520 surface-acre lake. The area is a day-use only park, fishing and boating are not permitted between a half hour after sunset and a half hour before sunrise. The park is open from May 1 through November 15. Spinney Mountain Reservoir freezes during the winter months.

Facilities at Spinney Mountain State Park include two boat ramps one north of the dam and one south of the dam. Picnic areas line the eastern and southern shore of the reservoir.

The fishing at Spinney Mountain is excellent. This park has built a reputation for cultivating trophy fish and has been designated as gold-medal waters. Some specific fishing regulations are in place at the park: anglers may keep one trout per day, and that trout must be at least 20 inches long; 20 pike may be caught per day with no size regulations in place; anglers are required to use artificial flies and lures.

Boating is also very popular at Spinney Mountain State Park. Boaters should be aware of gusty winds that often create waves up to five feet high. A waterfowl nesting area is located in the islands in the northwest corner of the lake. This areas off limits to boats. No water-contact sports are permitted in the reservoir. Windsurfing is allowed, but only if surfers are using a full wet or dry suit. Hunting of waterfowl and small game is permitted during regular hunting seasons.

Spinney Mountain State Park is located in southern South Park along the So

Directions - From Colorado Springs, take U.S. 24 west for 55 miles over Wilkerson Pass. Turn south on Park County Road 23 and drive 2.8 miles to County Road 59. Turn right and continue another 1.1 miles to the park entrance. uth Platte River.

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