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Pete rates Granada
Granada is a spectacular, almost magical place. The Alhambra fortifications, palaces, and gardens are amazing - if you can, splurge for the experience of staying at the Parador there. Don't miss the night tour of the Nazaried Palace, and make sure you've figured out how to use your camera without the flash. The Albaicin Moorish quarter is across a small stream, but it feels like you've crossed into another world. Plaza San Nicolas has a great sunset view of the Alhambra, but the garden of the mosque next to the plaza has the same view without the crowds. There are several restaurants (carmens) nearby with local specialties and patio dining to take in that view again. The old fortified silk market has its touristy stalls, but there are still some beautiful crafts to be found, and you can imagine what it was like 900 years ago.
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