Late afternoon in the gardens of the Alcazar Palace, Sevilla, Spain (Krista Rossow/National Geographic/Getty)

Plaza de Espana, Sevilla, Spain (PhotoDisc)

Aerial view of Sevilla, Spain (PhotoDisc)


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Alistair rates Sevilla
Beautiful city to visit. We were here in the week before the big Semana Santa celebrations and there was such a great festival atmosphere. Highlights included the cathedral and views out over the city; the beautiful gardens and ornate archways and mosaics of the Alcazar; and wandering the narrow alleyways of the old Latin Quarter in search of great tapas. I wasn't expecting much from our visit to the bullring, the Plaza del Toros, but found the museum tour to be really interesting plus the stillness and vivid colors of the actual ring (without the crowds) to be quite moving. Top city, plus a great jumping-off point for other Andalusian towns including Cordoba and Granada.
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