Mount Rushmore, South Dakota (The Black Hills)

Mount Rushmore National Memorial, South Dakota (Purestock/Getty)

Mount Rushmore, South Dakota (PhotoDisc)

Mount Rushmore, South Dakota (PhotoDisc)


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Traveler Reviews of Mount Rushmore

Lacy rates Mount Rushmore
It's really hard to get kids interested in historical attractions. And my experience at Mount Rushmore speaks directly to that. I was 12 and I certainly didn't want to be in the back of a pickup truck cruising the Black Hills with my parents. As much as I hate to admit it, I looked at the faces, ate some lunch, and was ready to head on out of there. Mount Rushmore is a fascinating place, though I think you need to work extra hard on your planning to get your little ones involved. Don't just stay cooped up in the car all day -- ??get out and hike, or plan activities that let them run free. Camping is a great option as well, though maybe give them their own little tent so they feel some independence.
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Pete rates Mount Rushmore
In Rapid City for a wedding, I thought Mount Rushmore might be an overcrowded, underwhelming, cheesy, tourist-trap experience. Boy, was I wrong. On an early October day that shifted from bright sun and blue sky, to gray, misting drizzle, to sunset and nightfall, the presidential monument was a majestic, inspiring, and ever-changing sight (particularly at sunset and when lit at night). Nearby, Hill City has a few interesting shops, restaurants, a winery tasting room (?!) and the rustically elegant Alpine Inn. There are some nearby hiking and biking trails we didn't have time to tackle, and the in-progress Crazy Horse monument and museum (beware the $27/car entry fee). Rapid City itself was a great weekend host, we especially enjoyed the Silver Spoon Cafe, Firehouse Brewery, and amazing Western and Native American galleries and shops.
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