Top Ski Resorts for Family Skiing

Kids learning to ski at Winter Park resort in Colorado (courtesy, Colorado Ski Country)

The perfect family ski resort may run counter to your kids’ expectations: It’s a vacation, but we have to go to school? However, education begets liberty when it comes to the white stuff, so a good ski school should be as much part of your planning as what outfits to wear. Resorts like Vermont’s Okemo and Copper Mountain in Colorado operate top-notch ski academies where patient (bless ‘em) instructors will make the rigors of skiing fun, pain-free, and rewarding. The family-centric measure of a good resort extends beyond the slopes to what’s on tap once the skis are off, be that cinemas and arcades for the evening, family-friendly restaurants, spot-lit tubing parks, and—parents, this is the kicker—prices that are not going to mean your next family vacation is when you’re grandparents.

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