Top Ski Resorts for Close to Airport

Just up the canyon from Salt Lake Interational: Snowbird Ski Resort in Utah (courtesy, Snowbird)

We’re all familiar with the motto, "The journey is the destination." But when it comes to getting the most out of a mountain resort, you don’t want to waste away the hours in transit; time is undeniably better spent on the mountain. These resorts have been selected in league with that single-minded focus. Some, like Jackson Hole, sit a modest ride from the airport, where the wait for your bags may equal the time it takes to drive to the resort. Others, like those surrounding Salt Lake City and Denver, are the closest resorts in a cluster bomb of on- and off-piste allure. After all, with skiing and ‘boarding, the real "journey" is from the summit to the get there as quickly as you can.

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