What to do in Shine Tidelands State Park

Shine Tidelands State Park is located off Highway 104 north of the Hood Canal Bridge. The wetlands and tidelands are enjoyed by clam diggers, crabbers, beachcombers, hikers, campers, skin divers, and wind surfers.

The park consists of 13 acres, most of which are wetlands, and 5,000 feet of tidelands.

Park facilities include a parking area, 18 primitive campsites, a camp pay station and two information boards. Portable chemical toilets are available seasonally from April 1 to October 31.

The area is heavily used by clam diggers and crabbers on most low tides. Beachcombing, hiking, camping, skin diving, and wind surfing are also enjoyed. Oysters are available at nearby Wolfe Property.

Shine Tidelands State Park is located just north of the Hood Canal Bridge on the west end of the Olympic Peninsula off of Highway 104.

The climate in this area is influenced by both the Olympic Mountains and the bodies of water that surround the area. It is generally a marine climate, mild and temperate, with the Pacific Ocean moderating temperatures throughout the year.

Winters are cool, cloudy and rainy. Maximum winter temperatures are in the mid- to high 40s with minimum temperatures in the mid 30s. Summers are warm and relatively dry with maximum and minimum temperatures in the mid 60s and low 50s, respectively. This area averages 26 inches of precipitation per year.

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