What to do in Scraggly Lake Public Reserved Land

Located in the Katahdin Region of Maine, this 10,000 tract of land offers wonderful, remote recreation including wildlife viewing, nature photography, fishing, boating, swimming and camping.

Scraggly Lake Public Reserved Land is located in the Katahdin / Moosehead / Penquis Region immediately beyond the northeast corner of the renowned 200,000 acre prime wilderness territory called Baxter State Park. Access is available year-round on this plot that encompasses over 10,000 acres with Scraggly Lake serving as the centerpiece. Ireland Pond rests north of Scraggly Lake offering an alternative destination for camping, fishing and hunting. Huber Road travels along the southwestern edge of the public land. From Huber Road, the entrance is marked by a gated rough road which forks leading to both bodies of water. Heading right (east) on the fork, visitors will travel to the southern shores of Scraggly Lake where they will find several primitive campsites along with a boat launch. At the fork, visitors traveling left (northwest) will bypass Scraggly Lake, several small ponds and terminate along the southern shore of Ireland Pond. From this location, a footpath meanders to the land's northern boundary.

Wildlife viewing, nature photography, fishing, hunting, camping and hiking are popular activities at this remote location. Primitive campsites are found along the southern shore of Scraggly Lake. In addition, a site is available north of Owl's Head on the eastern banks of Scraggly Lake and along the southern tip of Ireland Pond. Scraggly Lake's depth ranges 700+ feet. Limited unmarked foot trails are available. Hunting and trapping are allowed, subject to state rules and regulations. Call 207-287-3821 for specific policies and laws regarding these activities.

Access is gained by the Route 159 extension out of Shin Pond, then by the American Thread Road. (Huber Road travels along the southwestern edge of the land offering a gated entrance.)

Katahdin / Moosehead / Penquis Region has daytime winter temperatures in the northern area averaging 10 - 14 degrees Fahrenheit (-12 to -10 Celsius). In the southern area, winter temperatures average 14 - 18 degrees Fahrenheit (-10 to -8 Celsius). Summer brings cool, pleasant breezes with temperatures in the northern area averaging 66 degrees Fahrenheit (19 Celsius) and in the southern area averaging around 68 degrees Fahrenheit (20 Celsius). The region receives an average of 38 - 44 inches (97 - 112 centimeters) of precipitation each year.

45 Radar Road
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Phone: 207-435-7963

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