What to do in Samuel H. Boardman State Scenic Corridor

This park was named in honor of Samuel H. Boardman, the first Oregon Parks superintendent. He and others of his generation felt this shining green emerald coastline should be saved for the public.

This corridor is a 12 mile, forested linear park with a rugged, steep coastline interrupted by small sand beaches. The corridor offers numerous attractions: admire the 300-year old Sitka spruce trees, gaze at the amazing Arch Rock and Natural Bridges, and walk the 27 miles of Oregon Coast Trail that weave through giant forests.

Seaside prairies, spectacular vistas, secluded cove beaches, rugged cliffs and forested sea stacks come one after the other at this park. Visit old mining sites. Stand and ponder the old shell middens and wonder what it was like to live in a native American village by the Pacific Ocean.

Vital stats: There is no fee to use this park.

The corridor provides excellent opportunities for hiking along the coast. In addition, it provides opportunities for picnicking, fishing, swimming, viewing marine wildlife, bird watching, viewing interpretive information, attending interpretive nature programs, and viewing spectacular coastal scenery.

The corridor is located on the South Coast. It can be accessed along U.S. Highway 101, 4 miles north of Brookings.

The Oregon coast receives abundant rainfall, mostly between October and April. July and August bring the best chance for clear days. Summer temperatures are normally moderate and almost never hot. Winter temperatures are normally cool at the lower elevations and cold at the higher elevations. Although snow is possible in the lowest elevations, it is infrequent and does not stay on the ground for long.

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