What to do in Saddlebag Island State Park

Saddlebag Island State Park is a 23-acre park with 6,700 feet of saltwater waterfront. The adjacent Dot Rock is considered part of the park. Wildflower viewing is a popular attraction when the flowers are in bloom from April through June.

Park facilities include one mile of trail, five regular campsites and one water trail site (each having a table and camp stove) and one vault toilet. You must carry in your own drinking water.

This park is part of the marine parks and boat moorage system. Facility use is first come, first served, with continuous moorage limited to three consecutive nights. Fees are charged year around. Call (360) 753-5771 for a fee update as all fees are subject to change.

Popular activities in the park include primitive camping, picnicking, saltwater fishing, hiking, wildflower viewing and crabbing.

Saddlebag Island State Park is located two miles northeast of Anacortes, in Skagit County. It is accessible only by boat.

Washington's climate varies with each region. Saddlebag Island State Park is located in an area "protected" by surrounding ocean waters and mountain ranges. Temperatures are consistently moderate, rarely topping 80 degrees in the summer and rarely falling below 30 degrees in the winter.

Annual rainfall averages 29 inches, approximately half that of Seattle. In the summer months, and especially during September and early October, the islands may go for weeks without a cloud in the sky. Snowfalls occur once or twice a year and usually total only one or two inches. Northeast winds may cause temperature extremes.

Island tides range over 14 feet. The extreme low tide of 4.0 feet to the extreme high tide of over 10 feet.

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