What to do in Russian Fort Elizabeth State Historical Park

This site marks a short Russian history on the island of Kaua'i. Hawaiians began construction on the site in 1816 and it was finished one year later. The remains of this Russian-engineered, Hawaiian-built fort and the surrounding terrain comprise this park of 17 acres. The structure grew from a defense agreement between the ruling chief of Kaua'i and the Russian-American Company. By the time the fort was complete the islands of Hawaii had been united under Kamehamema and the Russians were expelled from Kaua'i. The site is a registered National Historic Landmark.

Facilities at the park include an interpretive walking path, and restrooms. A brochure with details of the site is available for a self-guided interpretive tour.

Visitors to this site can enjoy exploring the remains of the fort, viewing scenery, photography and historical interpretation.

Russian Fort Elizabeth lies on the eastern bank of the Waimea River at the river's mouth. The site is accessible from Kaumuali'i Highway.

The climate on Kauai varies more with the terrain than the seasons. Generally, the coastal temperature changes little throughout the year with an annual average of 74 degrees F. The higher elevations of the interior of the island includes the wettest place on earth, Mt. Waialeale. This region averages higher than 4,000 feet and receives nearly 500 inches of rain. If your planning to camp in the higher elevations of Kauai, I recommend layers and rain gear. Temperatures drop four degrees F with every 1,000 feet gained in elevation.

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