Moscow Kremlin on sunset (iStockphoto)

Kremlin at dusk, Moscow, Russia (iStockphoto)

St. Basil's Cathedral at moonrise, Moscow, Russia (Grant Faint/Photogs Choice/Getty)


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What to do in Moscow

Moscow’s history is rich with the art of composers, architects, dancers, and, of course, writers. Here, in the setting of War and Peace , visitors can indulge their inner word-nerds. The house museums of Leo Tolstoy, Vladimir Mayakovsky, and Fyodor Dostoyevsky give tourists a glimpse into the lives of Russia’s greatest scribes. If you want to eat surrounded by old tomes, visit the elegant Cafe Pushkin, with its library-like interior and menu that looks like an old newspaper. Nearby is a statue of the restaurant’s namesake, poet and founder of modern Russian literature, Alexander Pushkin. And while Gorky Park is now known as a great place for kids (with amusement rides in summer and ice-skating in the winter), it also served as the setting for a 1981 crime novel of the same name. In Moscow, the writing’s on the wall—and everywhere else.

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